Skin Care Treatment For Your Skin 2019

Skin Care Treatment

The skin is the largest organ in the human body and should, therefore, play an important role in personal hygiene. At the latest in advanced age shows to what extent it was cared for and protected. As a very sensitive part of the human organism, it can not only be stressed but also tend to irritate again and again. Skin Care Treatment.

Skin Care Treatment
Skin Care Treatment

1 What is Skin Care?
2 Function, effect & goals
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What is Skin Care?

Therefore, it is important to regularly pay attention to the skin and involve it in the care. As part of body care, skincare in the broadest sense refers to cleansing and protecting the skin from external influences. This includes protection against sun and UV radiation. Skin Care Treatment.

Maintaining the health of your skin is a first step in improving your overall wellbeing. In order to care for them properly, it is not only important to deal with different care products and options, but also to adapt them to your own skin. Different skin types require a different kind of care. The human skin consists of several layers of skin, over which again a thin layer of sebum and water lies. The natural acid mantle protects the skin from external influences. Its pH is between 4 and 6. In addition, it is responsible for the formation of skin-protecting bacteria. Skin Care Treatment.

The skin type is sometimes determined by the elasticity of the skin. If it gets too little moisture, it becomes brittle, cracked and tends to dandruff. Dry skin is more prone to inflammation and can cause discomfort. If the skin is healthy, it balances the skin moisture naturally. However, if this is not the case, external support is needed to prevent or alleviate disease and discomfort. (Skin Care Treatment.)

Function, effect & goals

The function of the use of skin care products is thus the compensation of deficits. The skincare balances problems of the skin and helps to a better general condition. Skin complaints usually result from poor diet, insufficient fluid intake, and environmental factors. Skin Care Treatment.
Dry heating air, strong summer heat or even long periods of cold weather can strongly affect and damage the skin. Especially long exposure to sunlight makes the skin age faster. Sunburn and sun allergy can be the result. Likewise, hot air blew the scalp and may, among other reasons for itching and dandruff. In industrialized countries, human skin is also exposed to a wide variety of toxic substances. Added to this is stress-related tension and itching. (Skin Care Treatment.)

Too many factors are risk factors for skin damage. Therefore, skincare is an important part of body protection. It helps the body to maintain self-protection, can moisturize and degrease. In the trade are numerous care products that rebalance dry or fast-absorbing skin. But even healthy skin is exposed to pollutants every day, which is why experts recommend supportive care. So creams, tinctures, and lotions provide enrichment for the skin and help to keep it healthy. Skin Care Treatment. But not only that: aging processes can be slowed down, for example, by appropriate preparations. There are also toiletries in drugstores that combat cellulite and wrinkles. Facial masks, scrubs, and daily skincare products fight impure skin or bring relaxation. The skin can also be stressed from everyday life. (Skin Care Treatment.)

Every area of ​​the body needs its own kind of care. Thus, for the scalp other preparations than for the mucous membranes and the genital area. With a large number of available care products, it always makes sense to consult experts and get advice. What is good for one skin type can cause additional discomfort for others and aggravate the problem. In addition, over-motivated people, in particular, tend to quickly over-care the skin, which can also be harmful. (Skin Care Treatment.)

In addition to ointments, lotions, creams, soaps, and other care products, exercise, adequate sleep, and a healthy diet also play a role. Often, blemished skin is due to deficiency symptoms and excessive intake of fast food or luxury foods. Human skin is extremely sensitive to fats and sugars. Therefore, doctors recommend tea and water consumption rather than coffee and soft drinks. Stress reduction and consciously introduced rest periods can also have a positive effect on the skin. (Skin Care Treatment.)


The right level determines how effective skincare can be. Improper care or overuse of care products can cause discomfort such as scaly or oily skin. This is especially true in the scalp area. Fake shampoos, daily hair washing, and styling products damage the scalp more than helping it. Similarly, negative effects have sharp soaps or shower gels. Excessive washing damages the acid mantle of the skin and attacks the skin’s own bacteria. They play an important role in healthy skin flora. Skin Care Treatment.
When the bacteria have been destroyed, harmful organisms invade the skin more quickly and trigger diseases such as eczema or psoriasis. Also, fungal infections are often the cause of overused skin. Therefore, it is important to take a closer look at the care products. Basically, they should have a skin-neutral pH value so as not to attack the acid mantle. Excessive washing irritates the skin as well as the wrong care products. (Skin Care Treatment.)

Similarly, it looks with ointments that are prescribed for skin diseases. Here always after package leaflet or doctor’s prescription should be traded in order not to irritate the skin unnecessarily. Skin Care Treatment, In addition, should be paid to sun protection products on the protection factor. For example, very light-skinned skin types will have little protection against low SPF. (Skin Care Treatment.)

Bathing or showering: what’s better for the skin?

When bathing, a lot of moisture gets into the skin, as well as dandruff and irritants are dissolved on the skin surface and washed away. Therefore, bathing is considered favorable for atopic dermatitis. However, there are no studies that have investigated whether children and adults with atopic dermatitis bathe or shower better. (Skin Care Treatment.)

Both when showering and while bathing, it is recommended to use warm but not too hot water and to limit the duration to 5 to 10 minutes. Too hot water can promote itching and irritate the skin. The most important thing is to cream or oil the skin after the bath or shower so that the absorbed moisture does not evaporate again. (Skin Care Treatment.)

It is often recommended to use cleansing products that are low in pH and contain no irritants or fragrances. Soap-containing products with a high pH can irritate and dry out the skin. However, there is no meaningful research comparing different cleaning products. (Skin Care Treatment.)

For people with atopic dermatitis also special bath additives are sold. They contain oils or other substances that are supposed to protect the skin and keep it supple. However, it has not been proven that such products have a benefit if the skin is creamed with emollients anyway after bathing. Dermatological societies, therefore, do not recommend these bath additives routinely. This also applies to products that are supposed to soften the water. (Skin Care Treatment.)

If the skin is acutely inflamed, it is best to apply an anti-inflammatory cream immediately after the bath or shower (for example with cortisone). The affected skin should then not or only be carefully dried with a towel so as not to irritate them. (Skin Care Treatment.)

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