Natural Black Hair Care Tips – Shiny and Healthy

Black hair demands a lot from hair care. It is not so easy to keep the hair color intensely black in the long term and keep the hair nice and shiny. Discover our tips for care and styling.

The hair is quickly colored black. But then comes the tricky part: How does black hair stay intensively shiny for a long time? What is the right care for dark hair? After dyeing with a glossy tint or dye, the hair looks gorgeous. But the more the color washes out, the duller and duller the hair.

Do you have naturally black hair?

Then we congratulate you warmly. Because you have one of the most desirable hair tones around the world. Many think that her hair is naturally black, but in fact, you have dark brown hair. Black hair is scarce.

The myths about black hair

There are several myths about black hair. One of the myths is that black hair does not grow as quickly as brown hair, red hair, or blonde hair. The truth is that it grows at the same rate as other hair types, but its texture can make it look like it isn’t growing.

Its unique physical structure requires special hair care techniques that are gentle. This is the only way to keep your hair shiny and healthy.

Here is a list of tips to help maintain the color brilliance of black hair. It also prevents gray hair. By the way: Brunettes and blondes also benefit from many of the tips;)

Caring for black hair properly – our tips & tricks

1. Brush properly

Many mistakes can already occur during brushing. Brushing too hard can damage the hair structure and make the hair fall out faster. Bad brushes can also damage your hair. Use only high-quality brushes, brush the hair only when dry, and always from the tips to the roots.

In wet hair, you can untangle the hair with your fingers or use a thick comb. So you do not harm the hair color with dark hair.

2. Conditioner with color pigments

A must for color refreshment are conditioners that contain black color pigments. Refresh your complexion by adding new color pigments and sealing the color with caring ingredients at the same time. A color refresh with a direct tint is also the right choice. Here is a selection of our favorite products for refreshing the color of black hair.

3. Find the right hairstyle

One of the main reasons for a matt hair color is to style it regularly. So you should start to find the perfect hairstyle for yourself. Pay a visit to the hairdresser you trust and get advice. Important: The styling should be in harmony with your natural hair structure. This way, the hair will also fall nice if you let it air dry. This saves time and protects the hair structure.

4. Use heat protection and reduce heat

We all know that heat can damage the hair structure. And yet we keep exposing our hair to heat tools. Reduce the use of heat tools and be sure to use only high-quality instruments with a suitable coating. And – never forget the heat protection!

5. Keratin care brings shine

If you still style the hair often or if it is naturally scorched and lackluster, you can make the hair shine again with keratin care. You can treat yourself to a keratin treatment in the salon or use high-quality keratin products at home

Keratin helps maintain your dark natural hair color and makes hair shine.

6. Dietary supplements can help

In stressful everyday life, we often fail to get enough vitamins and nutrients from our diet. The body first deprives the parts of the body that are not urgently needed for survival, which is, among other things, the hair.

Complement your diet with a high-quality supplement that gives your hair the vitamins and nutrients it needs.

Conclusion on the care of black hair

Living a healthy lifestyle can work wonders not only for the body and skin but also for the hair. Fresh fruits and vegetables and plenty of water not only keep your body healthy but also benefit your hair.

With patience and our tricks, you can grow your black hair without any problems. So spoil your black curls to keep them healthy and beautiful!

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