Filled Pinata Biscuits with Icing

Anyone who knows me knows that I actually cook and bake more practically and appropriately biscuit. “Nice” can happen there, but it’s not really one of my talents.
When Laura von Glück proposed colorful filled biscuits for a baking afternoon together, I had no idea how that could even work.

Because honestly: How do I get a filling in the biscuit that should not be baked with? For nuts or sweets, which supposed to melt nicely into the inside of the pastry in the oven. I understand everything.

But sugar balls and chocolate pearls?

Do not fill Before, But Afterwards

The trick is that the cookies are not filled before baking, but afterward. And with a very fantastic trick:
it is not one cookie, but four.

The upper and the lower part are “whole”, but the two middle pieces each have a hole in the middle, into which the filling later fits.
All layers glued together with frosting and then decorated:

Filled Pinata Biscuits with Icing

Pinata Biscuits

First, make simple cookie dough for the piñata biscuits. Laura has prepared pointed boy batter with wholemeal flour for this.
It is important that the dough does not swell when baked so that the individual parts later fit together as seamlessly as possible.

We need frosting to stick together, but sugar or chocolate writing also works.
First, lay the lower part down, then glue the first middle part onto it. Then fill the second middle part on top and then.

We used mini smarties and sugar pearls because they rattle so nicely.

Now glue it with the lid and we’re done.


Decorated with Frosting

Mix a thick icing out of powdered sugar and lemon juice.
We brought in a light pink tinge with some red food coloring and then spread the icing on the cookies with a spoon (see above).

Finally, there was a little glitter and after the cast had dried, it was allowed to bite:

Decorated with Frosting

Fun Fact

The original piñata biscuits were totally colorful – so here the biscuit dough was also dyed beforehand.
As I found out later: Something like this is baked in Mexico or the USA for the Cinco de Mayo, where you celebrate the victory over the French.

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