Big Sexy Hair Conditioner – 3-minute Conditioner

Dear friends, do you remember the basic concepts of shampooing and hair care that Uncle Xia Ke talked about? Remember the frame formula and principle of conditioner? big sexy hair conditioner Today, let ’s talk about Pantene’s 3-minute Miracle Conditioner. Their configuration is very, very standard, which meets the points of Uncle Xia Ke’s last chapter. So it was deduced. Of course, if you look for other brands, there are many similar ones, all right.

Pantene 3-minute Miracle Luxury Essence Cream Multi-effect damage repair, the official store is 109 yuan, two bottles of 180ml, which is 360ml 109. It’s not cheap anymore.

The ingredients are much simpler and more transparent than the cream essence. First of all, everyone thinks that the 4 / 5th is the “oil” base, cetyl stearyl alcohol. big sexy hair conditioner They remain on the hairline and wrap you in for protection.

Big Sexy Hair Conditioner

Then the second position is silicone oil, especially useful is that he used ammonia-terminated silicone oil. Because the adsorption and permeability of ammonia-end silicone oil will be better, this is his point. big sexy hair conditioner. However, if you look for more, there are many, depending on the raw materials and the manufacturer’s technology. This part of Pantene can still be guaranteed.

Position 3 is the cationic surface. Remember the “trimethylammonium chloride,” I said? That’s it. He combined with grease, silicone oil, etc. to adsorb on the hair to form a film. Mysteriously said, to neutralize the anion surface activity residue. Adjust the hair to reduce static electricity.

Pantene has the above three basic systems. big sexy hair conditioner and in silicone oil and cationic surface-active use of excellent raw materials. It’s a bit expensive, but you may not know that Pantene is almost all domestically produced, and this conditioner is importing from Thailand, so the relevant tax part is Barabara. However, it can be started at a discount, and it seems that it will be cheaper to switch to domestic production now. Performance is excellent, push it.

Then talk about upgrading. About efficacy and nutrition.

Pantene is an exciting brand. I believe everyone knows ubiquinol, that is, vitamin B5, what moisturizing and repairing Bala Bara, and the washing industry uses him everywhere. What’s his English name, panthenol. What is Pantene’s English name?

The brand reaction here should add chicken legs, right! Jinhua ham. This translated name and Revlon are the gods in Uncle Xia Ke’s heart.

Back to the topic, do you see that the two English languages are very close? Yes, it was founded that the older man of B5 (panthenol) developed the original Pantene and added this vitamin B5 to the shampoo.

B5 has a moisturizing and repairing effect, and in fact, it can reduce the stimulation of surface activity alone when it is compatible with surface activity. big sexy hair conditioner. This is good. So all series of Pantene will have panthenol and panthenol ethyl ether. One of these two is water-soluble, and the other is oil-soluble. This is where Pantene started and is unique!

Of course, I don’t need to talk about the content being too low. However, a secret of Pantene’s core is the oil-soluble ubiquinol in the back row. Hair and skin are more lipophilic, so oil-soluble ubiquinol is more useful, perhaps because of patent restrictions and other reasons. big sexy hair conditioner. Ethyl ether is still Pantene; others use very little. Long-term adherence can have some repair effect. Persisting for a long time

Big Sexy Hair Conditioner Problem

Finally, they replied to what everyone said to fix the problem. Do you remember the advertisement of the luxuries that Mowen Weixian exploded in the past? She said sexily that dry, grass-like hair (three beeps) instantly regained its softness.

This is a bit exaggerated. If your hair is damaged or even split, it is unlikely to return to the past. It can only be partially adhered to or filled in and repaired, and maybe some can penetrate and service, just like cement fills the gap. It is damaged and will not be repairing automatically. big sexy hair conditioner. Especially the split fork, no split fork will heal naturally! Please keep in mind!

His is the case with conditioner hair masks. It will be slightly better, but it needs to be used and adhered to correctly, and then the newly grown hair will look good because it is well protected. It can be fille to alleviate this.

So please remember to wash your hair correctly, then dry it halfway, apply the conditioner or hair mask evenly, wrap it for 5 to 10 minutes, let the silicone oil and other ingredients penetrate and adhere better, and wash off.

Avoid opening skin! Avoid opening skin!

As for the stimulated MIT and met, it’s okay. You don’t touch the scalp anyway, so you don’t need to panic. As for the pigment, of course, it looks slightly yellowish and nutritious. big sexy hair conditioner

Above, then Panting reviewed the conditioner’s knowledge and recommended products. But 3 minutes? It’s just propaganda, and the ability to penetrate and attach is indeed better lost, but don’t a myth; stick to it if you like it.

Next, I will talk about the fire-resistant Shiseido Ruby bottle hair mask. big sexy hair conditioner. He is also exceptional. In advance, it is indeed worth recommending. However, there is no Chinese filing. At that time, it can only be a third-party ingredient list.

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